Issues - Environment

Do no harm to the bats in the barn

We think Wendover is a special sort of place. It's a community with a large conservation area adjoining an area of outstanding natural beauty (ANOB) in a beautiful part of the Chilterns. There is no doubt that the HS2 line when completed will leave a permanent scar on the landscape, with trees and hedgerows decimated. We will need to ensure that HS2 do all they can to rectify the problems they create with landscaping and replanting of trees etc. The visual approach is a key area of concern for us and we are working hard to seek mitigations to ensuring technical designs are sympathetic to the surrounding environment.

HS2 announces new landmark as 700,000 trees planted and over 100 new habitats thriving on Phase One of the project.

The future landscaping proposals are included in the "Schedule 17" packages submitted to Bucks Council. There are four sections relating to out local area covering Great Missenden to Stoke Mandeville

In each submission the "Indicative" Landscaping proposals are given in various documents accessible from the Bucks Council/Aylesbury Vale Planning portal. There is a "Landscape Context Plan" which shows the various "Landscape Character Areas" which are each given separate treatment. Each area is then subdivided into areas shown in the "Landscape Planting Plans". There is description of the treatment of these areas given in the Indicative Mitigation section of the "Written Statement". There are also "Photomontages" from key viewpoints showing what the scenery will look like after the works are completed and 15 years later.

For "Key Design Elements" (such as the Wendover Dean Viaduct) there is also a "Design and Access Statement" that gives a good overview of the overall Landscape Design, the Landscape Proposals, and how the design meets the requirements set out by the HS2 Chilterns AONB Design Review Group. Their "Detailed Design Principles" report is worth looking at too.

HS2's construction activities are constrained by the Code of Construction Practice which is interpreted for the Wendover Area by the Buckinghamshire Local Environmental Management Plan. If you see things happening locally which contravene the policy, please take a photograph and report it as a "Complaint" to the HS2 Helpdesk by phone on 08081 434 434, or by email at and ask for a case reference number.